- Zajednička advokatska kancelarija - Sanil Hasić i Amel Šabić
Zajednička advokatska kancelarija - Sanil Hasić i Amel Šabić

Committed to the highest standards in law practice.

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Many years of legal and specialist education, business experience and expressed results are the basis on which the belief is based that a special quality of professional engagement is reached in the following areas of law:


Civil law

Representation of clients-clients in court proceedings in the field of civil rights violations. Preparation and conduct of proceedings for damages (Representation in the proceedings of compensation of all forms of damage: compensation of material (property) damage, compensation of non-material (non-material) damage) and debt collection procedures.


Family Law

Law office from Family Law performs the following tasks: providing legal advice and representation in divorce disputes, providing legal advice and representation in maintenance disputes, divorce with minor children in which proceedings are decided on custody of children.


Labour law

Providing legal advice on all issues in the field of labor-legal relations and representation in labor disputes. Drafting internal legal acts for legal entities in the field of labor law (work regulations, disciplinary responsibility, etc.).


Land register

Registration of real estate (land, buildings, apartments and business premises and other buildings) in the land register, as well as registration of court judgments in the land register; Registrations in the land registry of changes based on the Contract on real estate transactions; Extraction of land registry documentation; Conducting all procedures established by the Land Registry Act.


You can send your question regarding your legal problem by e-mail or by calling one of the offered phones to make an appointment at our premises. You can send your documentation together with your legal question as an attachment to the e-mail. The law office provides real services throughout the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, before all courts and administrative bodies.


Working days
from 8 to 15.30

+387 37 47 40 74

Ulica Maršala Tita 21
Bosanska Krupa, BiH
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Sanil Hasić

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Amel Šabić

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Dugogodišnje pravno i specijalističko obrazovanje, poslovno iskustvo i iskazani rezultati osnov su na kojem se zasniva kvaliteta u pružanju pravnih usluga zajedno sa uzajamnim povjerenjem i diskrecijom.